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Serving Portland, Maine and surrounding areas

Vessel Services has the most extensive selection of ice in Maine. Whether you need 30 tons of ice at a time or a single bag, you get the same level of service at Vessel Services.

All ice is available for pickup or delivery within Southern Maine.

Bulk Ice & Bagged Ice

Vessel Services produces up to 100 tons of ice daily in our Portland, Maine waterfront facility. High quality bagged ice and bulk ice are available for pickup or delivery.

Maine’s only bulk ice retailer.

Sizes Available
  • Bagged: crushed ice, ideal for cocktails and in beverages available in 20 lb bags
  • Bulk: crushed ice, ideal for chilling items, available in 600 lbs to 30 tons
Dry Ice

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (C02) and at -109 degrees F, is much colder than water ice. As it breaks down, it turns into carbon dioxide gas rather than a liquid. It is great for packing, fishing, hunting, power outages, shipping, food storage, and more.

Southern Maine’s most convenient dry ice retailer.

Safe handling information

Sizes Available
  • Block Slabs: 2.5 lbs
  • Pellets: 10 lbs and up
Specialty & Event Ice

Vessel Service is your Maine source for carving blocks, event, and specialty restaurant and bar ice. Whether it is a festival, holiday event, wedding, or party, you get the crystal clear ice you need in time for your event.

Specialty Ice Available
  • Ideal for high-end cocktails
  • Crystal Clear Ice
  • Large Cubed Ice
  • Ice Spheres & Rounds
  • Ideal for events
  • Carving Blocks & Slabs

How much ice do I need?

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Homeowners: Ice and dry ice available during power outages.

Restaurants: Equipment failure can mean the loss of expensive ingredients.

Vessel Services offers emergency ice services, 24/7. Call 207-772-5718 to save the day (or night).


Vessel Services has a fleet of refrigerated trucks ready to deliver ice and dry ice in Southern Maine. For details and delivery service pricing, contact Mike Foster at 207-772-5718 ext. 105.

Fees and minimums apply.


Need to rent a refrigerated truck or trailer?

Vessel Services can help.

To order or purchase ice,
call (207) 772-5718 or
stop by Vessel Services at
1 Portland Fish Pier, Portland, ME 04101.